Defose-tutka™ – analyses and surveys

Defose professional kitchen analysis and surveys

Various analyses and surveys form the basis for all succesful planning and development. It is well known that when our own routines get too dominant, they block our ability to perceive what is rational or irrational and possible or impossible. Let our experts get acquainted with your operation and processes. You will get practical proposals on how to improve your performance. We will clarify various alternatives and their costs to you so that you can make the right strategic decisions. We want to help you  ensure you will also in the future reach your customer experience objectives.

Food service feasibility study

A feasibility study explores and clarifies different alternatives to produce the food services in the future. Are you going to invest in a professional kitchen? Is your food service operation going to change? Which food services can you produce in your existing kitchens or how should they be reconstructed? Maybe you are thinking whether you should produce all food by yourself or partly outsource the production. The feasibility study gives you answers to these questions and helps you to get ready for future decisions.

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Professional kitchen equipment – market study and comparisons

This market study examine the available professional kitchen equipment on the market. It compares various alternatives and select those equipment that give you the best possible value. Meanwhile, you will get the professional perception of what are the relevant feautures for your operation and how much money you should consider to spend on these features.

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Kitchen processes- analysis

The analysis of kitchen processes expresses to you what should be developed in your kitchen. Too often our own routines make us disabled to see the inhibitors in our kitchen processes. The analysis will deliver you a practical list of the most relevant issues to be developed.

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