Professional kitchen equipment – market study and comparisons

professional kitchen appliances market survey and appliance comparison

We help you find the most suitable professional kitchen equipment!

Defose-tutka™ will find the kitchen equipment that brings the most benefits to your food service operation. The market study also helps you with supplier competition arrangements that follow the preliminary work of your procurement process. With the help of our service, you can carry out procurement process successfully and reach the most beneficial result.

We clarify the whole available supply – we justify the alternatives!

A wide assortment of kitchen equipment exist on the market. This means there are also several alternatives to put into practice for the desirable food services. To carry out successful procurement process it is essential to find out thoroughly what the alternatives are and what kind of entity of the investment is the most beneficial.

The specific features of the kitchen equipment may give remarkable advantages during their life cycle. These advantages may realize as better energy efficiency, better shrinkage control or better work ergonomics. Defose-tutka compares various alternatives and determines which ones are the best, considering your objectives.

For whom is the Defose-tutka™ kitchen equipment market study intended?

The service is intended to both public and private procurement units that are planning to invest on professional kitchen equipment.

What benefits does the service give to your procurement´s preliminary work?
  • You will get a justified proposal that indicates which are the most suitable kitchen equipment for your project. The proposal is done by the kitchen equipment specialist.
  • You will get justified information of which equipment and features are the most relevant for you and so need to be considered and emphasized at the selection.
  • You can be sure that also the latest technical innovations, and the advantages they bring, will be considered from your point of view and needs
  • You can avoid over- and underinvestments. These are the consequences when the equipment are of the wrong size, their number is unsuitable or the equipment themselves are partly or totally unsuitable for you.
  • We ensure that all suppliers and all alternatives they offer will be taken into account during your procurement process.
What does the service include?
  • Deep orientation to the preliminary objectives of your procurement.
  • Technical dialogue with kitchen equipment suppliers about equipment that best suit your needs.
  • Evaluation and comparison of the information collected from suppliers and double-checked with your objectives.
  • Clear mutual and written clarification of which are the most suitable equipment, the most relevant features and what advantages are the most relevant for your needs and should be considered carefully.

For the preliminary stage of your procurement, we can offer you services for

  • planning the procurement process
  • clarifying the procurement objectives
  • organizing the events for collecting the market information
Competition arrangements for kitchen appliance suppliers

Despite good preparation, formulating kitchen equipment tenders may be challenging. It is demanding to formulate the features of equipment so that you get the exactly right type of tenders and yet are able to purchase the right equipment.

The easiest and safest way to arrange competition among kitchen equipment suppliers is to utilize Defose specialists and their over 20 years of experience of professional kitchen equipment. This is the way to ensure that you will not lose money in unproductive kitchen equipment investments. If you procurement has to obey the legislation of public tenders and procurements, we take care that the competition is equal and fair for all candidates and everything goes according to law.

Would you like to ask more about Defose-tutka™ services for the preliminary stage of your procurement process or kitchen equipment competition arrangements?

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