Kitchen processes – analysis

Defose-tutka professional kitchen processes

The analysis of kitchen processes screens your kitchen and picks up the points that should be developed.

Day-to-day routines may create traps of inefficiency. External evaluation helps you  improve your daily work and stops the deceptive development towards inefficiency. When kitchen processes are in shape, working is fluent.

You will get the justified and practical list of the five most relevant issues that should be developed to improve your performance.

Your day-to-day routines, where days just follow each other unchanged, prevent you from seeing the inhibitors of your processes. These inhibitors make your processes slack, which may lead to increase of working hours or material loss. Sometimes even the wellbeing of empolyees may be under a threat, which may harm their ability to create desired customer experiences.

Has your kitchen already lost its efficiency and do you lose money in vain?

To find out the answer the investment for external evaluation may be the right choice. Defose-tutka™ analysis of kitchen processes will give you the justified feedback and practical list of tasks to support your management and leadership.

For whom is Defose-tutka™ intended?

Defose-tutka™ kitchen process analysis is intended to all professional kitchens who want to continuously improve their performance and put focus on operational efficiency and thereby increase their ability to create unforgettable customer experiences in a profitable way.

The content of Defose-tutka™ kitchen process analysis service
  • Gathering the basic and starting point information.
  • Observation research at the kitchen.
  • Defined interviews and discussions with various levels of the organization.
  • Written report with the five most relevant points to be developed.
  • face-to-face feedback discussion, two hours
What does Defose-tutka™ require?

The Defose-tutka™ kitchen process analysis may disclose issues that everybody does not agree. But the truth is that there is always room for improvement and it is only possible through a change. The service requires

  • the will and dedication of the management to develop operation and processes,
  • sharing the basic and start point information with analysts (spoken and written),
  • possibility to organize short interview sessions. (Interviews will be mainly done  during observation research),
  • time for two-hour-long face-to-face feedback session.

The analysis focuses on processes and work, not on any individuals as persons. The purpose of this service is to point out potential and significant issues to be developed.

How does the Defose-tutka™ kitchen process analysis pay itself back?

Your investment to external professional evaluation and the practical task list pays itself back through lower material loss, better productivity, better well-being of employees and happier customers. This of course requires that you start executing the recommended actions and follow their effects.

How is the Defose-tutka™ kitchen analysis carried out?

The Defose-tutka™ analysis takes two days. This includes delivery of the final report and a discussion session. The interviews during the observation research are done in a way that they don´t disturb the normal day in the kitchen too much.


We value openness. If you are not happy with the Defose-tutka kitchen process analysis, the information it produces or the list of issues to be developed, or if the service does not correspond to what has been agreed,  we return your money.

Would you like to ask more about Defose-tutka™ kitchen process analysis?

We are glad to help you. Our contact information can be found by clicking this contact information link.  You can also fill in this further information request form.