Food services feasibility study

Defose professional kitchen feasability study

Defose-tutka™ feasibility study analyses the alternatives to carry out desired food services.


The Defose-tutka™ feasibility study clarifies your one professional kitchen or the whole network of your kitchens present state and analyses its ability to face the challenges of tomorrow. It gives reasons for building of new premises or alternatively proposes how  existing premises should be renovated or changed so that the objectives for your food services can be reached in the future.

Defose-tutka™ feasibility study investigates centralization of food production and its effects from the logistic perspective and compares various food production processes and their suitability to your food services. It also evaluates whether you should get prepared to produce all food by yourself or if there are relevant arguments to outsource some parts of the food services. As a result of this analysis, you will get important information of different implementation alternatives and their costs, which help you make wise decisions prior to your professional kitchen project.

The Defose-tutka™ feasibility study starts clearly from the beginning and goes through resources and objectives. It presents alternatives that give you the ability to keep customer promises in the most economical way.


For whom is the Defose-tutka™ feasibility study intended?

The Defose-tutka™ feasibility study serves best the decision makers who are responsible for development, production or investments.


Why the Defose-tutka™ feasibility study?
  • You will get arguments for needed new space or changes required for existing premises.
  • You will get cost calculations of different alternatives.
  • You will get considered suggestion of suitable operation model
  • You will get practical guide lines for implementing the project planning


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