Defose-kimara™ – training for Food Service personnel

Defose-kimara™ is a bracing training package that increases professional ability. The duration of training can be two hours, half day or a whole day. You can pick up the content topics from a wide list. After the training the participants simply know more. Enthusiasm starts immediately develop your food services. Just choose the length of the training, select the topics from the actual list, and then just let fresh ideas, perspectives, and new information fill your energy bin.

Who is this training for?

Defose-kimara™ -training package is for all who work in food services and who want to learn new things and increase their know-how of the most essential fields. Defose-kimara™ suitable choice as a training day for your personnel.

Why Defose-kimara™?

Personnel is your highest cost but also your the most valuable resource and your biggest chance to succeed. Your personnel have a key role in creating customer experiences. Investment in the training of personnel does pays off.

Defose-kimara™ refreshes your working habbits and can be a starting point even for a quantum development leap. Invest on this training and ensure your food services´ quality.

Defose-kimara™ – content of service

Select topics to your training from the list below. Pick two topics for a two-hours training, 3-4 topics for a half day training and five topics for a whole day training.

  • The eco-efficiency of the professional kitchen – energy consumption and how to control it
  • Food waste – how to control food waste?
  • Knowledge management
  • How to mange change?
  • Cook-chill-methods as a solution
  • Production of diets and cook-chill
  • Tools for creating better customer experience
  • How to utilize combi-steamer more effectively
  • The basics of good and economical dishwashing
  • Food trends as drivers of customer demands
  • Megatrends and the future (viewpoint: Food Services)
  • Take advantage of the change and grow
  • We´re stronger together – how to make people thrive?
  • What is service design? Should we consider it?
  • Marketing of food services?
  • Introduction to LEAN
Example of Defose-kimara™ half day session:

10.00 Welcome and orientation

10.15 Training: topic A

10.50 Quick break

11.00 Training, topic B

11.35 Lunch break, fresh air break

12.30 Training, topic C

13.05 Training ends


Two hours training, half a day or a whole day? You decide. Go to price list.


If the training does not correspond to what is agreed, we tear the bill apart and you pay nothing!

Thinking about continuity?

You can save your valuable time and let us plan a further education package to your team. Continuity ensures even better and sustainable results. Be in touch and let´s find out how we can support your food services.