Defose – tuning your communication

Defose offers communication consulting to improve the performance of its customers. We offer training and coaching for managers and personnel.

Communication skills are essential learnable skills that ensure successful communication, which in turn helps you reach your objectives.

Our focus is on customer needs and a trustful partnership. We believe the way to better performance are continuous learning and making progress in doing remarkable things.

The Defose story

The company Defose was established in 2017. Before Defose I had been working for years close to the customer contact point in large companies. My target has always been finding the best possible solutions for my customers and help them achieve their own objectives. Many times, this has demanded agility, flexibility, and consideration of customer-specific needs. Large organizations are like heavy engines that obviously cannot react to all these individual needs and changes.

My passion to serve my clients better, more flexibly, and more individually, with the help of my specialist skills, just kept on growing. I thought that every customer should have a chance – an alternative that suits them – to get good service that helps them to improve their performance and reach their goals.

There was some reshaping in Defose´s service portfolio in the beginning. This was natural because it is always the needs of the customers that matter. But there was always one principle I wanted to hold on to: what is done should be done well. The interest of the customer is always something essential for them. The corner stone is trust.

When I was following the performance of several organizations and their efforts to serve their customers, it became more and more clear to me that the key skill, with an impact on everything we do and how we succeed, is our ability to cooperate with other people. And when it comes to cooperation, it presumes an ability to communicate in a way that builds trust and enhances a positive impact and progress for both parties.

High quality communication is essential when we lead companies, organizations, and communities – at least the ones that are successful. One evening when I was preparing a presentation on effective communication, I got a strong feeling. The feeling during my intensive flow-state was that communication skills are some of the most important learnable skills for us. It is these skills that I want to promote with my expertise and know-how.

The story behind the name Defose

The name Defose contains three key values and principles that guide our way of acting. These are Development, Focus, and Service.

Development – Continuous development, learning, and improving are the best guarantees for long-lasting success. It is difficult to be successful in a continually changing world without continuously learning new skills as well as developing and adjusting one’s ways of working. To some extent, we are all naturally curious and willing to learn new things. This valuable feature is something we should foster. We should continuously develop ourselves and our ability to learn.

Focus – If we decentralize our resources or try to concentrate on multiple issues simultaneously, the result cannot be the best possible. Multitasking is not a strength of our brains. The best results can be achieved by concentrating on one thing at a time, preferably on the most significant one.

Service – For a service company like Defose, excellent customer service is the essential value. The best customer experiences can be created by holding on to promises, finding the best solutions for the customers and, effortless interaction. This way we can help our customers serve their customers and, at the end of the day, that is the corner stone of all successful service. We are all here for our customers.

Juha Jokinen – The tuner of communication

Juha Jokinen

Education: M. Sc. (Food economics), Helsinki University; Dip DigM (Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, IDM, UK.

Work experience: Every job in my career has been characterized by marketing, marketing communication, working close to customers, and finding the best possible solutions for my customers.

The gratitude and valuation I have received for my presentation and communication skills have most often been justified by my convincing expertise, enthusiastic touch, as well as my ability to crystallize the essential message and to make it memorable.

I believe the recipe behind excellent results is bringing together the skills of diverse people. This recipe requires us to share our know-how and to be open and receptive towards what other people bring to the table.

Excellent communication, customer service, and leading of people are learnable skills. Diligent training and our motivation to continuously develop ourselves turn us to masterpieces with an ability to produce memorable positive customer experiences. And that is what brings us closer to reaching our own goals.