Defose Oy – the expert of professional kitchens

Defose Oy offers specialist services for food service businesses and the professional kitchen sector. Our aim is to make the food services of our rcustomers even more excellent. Our services comprise professional kitchen planning, project planning, market study and comparison of professional kitchen equipment as well as various analysis and surveys.

We focus on good customer service, a close relationship and a trustful partnership in all that we do. We strive for continuous improvement with our customers – towards excellent. to be even more excellent. That can be achieved through continuous learning and progressing in doing things that matter and develop the whole business.

Defose Oy is owned by two Finnish entrepreneurs. They both have worked in and influenced food service and professional kitchen business for their whole life. Both have leadership as well as international working experience and academic degrees in food and food services. Both are also familiar with professional kitchens in practice and theory. This ensures that the way Defose thinks always starts from the food and the customers.

The Defose story

The company is established in 2017, not due to impulsive thought, but rather from passion to serve the food service business with all the ability and skills we have collected during our careers. We surely had picked up something, mainly by working hard, but also by being in the right place at the right time. Our desire to develop food service business through customer intimacy and  in a broadly way was so strong that the best way to do it turned out to be establish a company of our own. Now with Defose we can offer our expertise without any unnecessary limitations.

The story of the name Defose

The name of the company Defose is an acronyme of ”Dedicated to Food Service Excellence.  It states the reason for Defose´s existence. We are dedicated to develop excellent food services. By excellent we mean that both our customers and their customers, the consumers who use the food services, can honestly and with joy say “that was really excellent.”

Some thoughts of “being excellent”

We describe “being excellent” as a line. With continuous improvement thinking as a guide in mind, every food service supplier can move on this line`s scale towards perfection. The extreme spot can never be reached, because there is always room for improvement. But we see it is enough when our customers can continuously create and produce excellent customer experiences to their customers, while they and their employees are satisfied.

The promise of excellent food services has to be redeemed every time. Excellent customer experience consists of an entity. The food itself has to be good and the service must feel like service. This realizes only when the doing and the operations as a whole are planned well and understood deeply. Our services will help our customers improve this deep understanding. We offer objective professional kitchen planning, precise project planning, independent and customer oriented kitchen equipment procurements, and comparisons.

Continuous improvement – together we are more!

Continuous improvement requires that you are open and ready to learn new things. The best way to learn is together with others – with customers and by joining networks. New and excellent ideas are can only be created in places where things happen, future is made, and where solving various issues requests freedom of prejudice, courage, dedication and ability to realize and understand that together we can achieve more.

We know technology, but we are also familiar with professional kitchens. That is the reality that connects us with our customers. Now through Defose we like to mix in our heads all the knowledge and experience that we have collected and see what comes out. With the help of this mixture, we want to produce new ideas and create value to our customers and to the entire food service business.

“Being excellent” can be achieved only through continuous learning and sharing and developing what you have learned. Our aim is to help you so that also your food services will be characterized as “excellent” – spontaneously by your customers!

Juha ja Petri


Juha Jokinen

Juha Jokinen

Juha has worked  with food and food services his entire life. The first experiences were from a restaurant, a catering service and a hospital kitchen. The last 21 years before Defose he worked in professional kitchen business at a kitchen equipment supplier, where he developed businesses of customers and the whole branch internationally. Juha has an academic degree from University of Helsinki (M. Sc., food economics).

Juha is a praised and inspiring speaker and his communication skills are widely appreciated. In food service business, it is essential to know and understand the details of customer service and communication. Juha´s deep knowledge of professional kitchen equipment and understanding of kitchen processes form a solid basis to create new ideas for developing and accomplishing.

Juha believes that excellent results will be achieved when skills and knowhow are combined and shared with those who are ready to refine real diamonds to themselves from this shared knowledge . The brightest diamonds are grinded together! Juha doesn´t share the opinion that good customer service is difficult to create or that we can´t make good food in Finland. Juha wants that food creates positive and memorable experiences that are enjoyable to recall even after years. Juha wants to be “fosettaja”, a person who develops excellent food services. He invites all other food service professionals to travel the same path.

Petri Jurvanen

Petri Jurvanen

Petri has worked his entire career in the professional kitchen business. He has a long experience in both food production and as a chief. After his active kitchen career he has been responsible for kitchen planning and customer focused food production development in several large projects. Petri is also an experienced trainer and coach in the food service business. His level of education is MBA and BHM (Bachelor in Hospitality Management).

One of Petri`s strengths is a deep knowledge and understanding of business environment of his customers. Open relationships with customers are essential, as in professional kitchen planning a successful service is created together with customers. Petri`s goal is swift and efficient kitchen planning. The result must make possible to create excellent customer experience – both to the customer and to the customer`s customer.