Professional kitchen planning Defose-sujuva™ Maxi

Defose-sujuva Maxi professional kitchen planning

Professional kitchen planning is one of our definite strengths. Whether your project deals renovating an existing professional kitchen or building totally new one, Defose-sujuva™ Maxi offers you necessary services that help you lose less money in unnecessary work right from the beginning of the planning. Defose-sujuva™ Maxi adapts to your needs. From our wide range of services, you can select those that give you the most beneficial for you and fit exactly to your project.

Defose- sujuva™ Maxi -services:
  • Project planning meetings to determine and crystalize customer needs
  • Proposals for the best operational solutions to carry out desired food services
  • Food production plan based on the operational solutions
  • Description of the core processes of your professional kitchen
  • Group meetings for project planning
  • Adaption of professional kitchen planning to the planning entity
  • Lay out -planning
  • Lists of kitchen equipment and kitchen furnishing
  • Estimated costs for kitchen equipment and kitchen furnishing
  • Technical specifications for kitchen equipment

Necessary customer specific tailoring is always included in the Defose- sujuva™ Maxi service. You can also supplement your project with the following Defose services:

For whom is Defose-sujuva™ Maxi suitable?

Service is suitable for professional kitchen operators, building and construction companies and architectural companies that are planning a building project and looking for specialist and consulting services to carry out professional kitchen planning.

Why Defose-sujuva™ Maxi?
  • We protect your budget! You or your customer will not lose money for oversized room or kitchen equipment plans.
  • We always follow the agreed scehdule! You will not lose time as kitchen planning always follow the agreed schedule.
  • Precise planning! You will avoid “unclear” interfaces between professional kitchen planning and other related parts of your project.
  • A safe solution! You and your customer won´t lose the valuable know-how and expertise when it is time to evaluate the implementation alternatives and make the decisions.
Would you like to ask more about Defose-sujuva™ Maxi -service?

We are glad to help you. Our contact information can be found by clicking this contact information link.  You can also fill in this further information request form.