Defose-hanke – professional kitchen project planning

professional kitchen planning project

Defose-hanke™ – professional kitchen project planning

Defose-hanke™ is a professional service that ensures your project planning realizes effectively. It compares different operational food service models and their effects to available space and kitchen equipment demands. As a result of this comparison you will get the proposal of the best entity and operational model as well as its estimated costs. 

What does Defose-hanke™ require?

Project planning is a professional kitchen typically requires necessary feasibility studies, which give justification to proceed to actual project planning. A feasibility study evaluates the present state of the operation as well as the future. It will look for alternative solutions for the operational models, evaluate their costs, and analyze how different solutions impact on purchase and operational costs. We can also help you carry out a such feasibility study. Detailed information is available under this Defose feasibility study -link.

Do you require help in comparing and purchasing kitchen equipment?

We have built up the special Defose-tutka™ -service specifically for this need. This kitchen equipment market study and comparisons -link provides you with more information about our service. Our service will help you to avoid unnecessary operational costs and economical defects caused by inappropriate kitchen equipment investments. This service saves your valuable time and lowers the risk of unproductive decisions.

Order Defose-hanke™ and carry out your project planning together with us – fluently, confidently and effectively!

Would you like to ask more about Defose-hanke™  -service?

We are glad to help you. Our contact information can be found by clicking this contact information link. You can also fill in this further information request form.